Avalanche Bulletin - 2021-01-24

The storm will bring the highest amount of snow (up to 40-60cm) in the north areas of the Park where the danger will be more important. Be aware of all obstacles.

Areas concerned: Mont Albert, Mont Ernest-Laforce, mont Hog's Back, Champs-de-Mars, mont Lyall, mont Vallières-de-Saint-Réal, mont Blanche-Lamontagne et Mines-Madeleine

Issued on: 2021-01-23 @ 17:30, Valid until: 2021-01-24 @ 18:00

Danger ratings Sunday, Jan 24Monday, Jan 25Tuesday, Jan 26
Alpine 3 - Considerable2 - Moderate2 - Moderate
Treeline 2 - Moderate2 - Moderate2 - Moderate
Below Treeline 1 - Low1 - Low1 - Low

Travel advice :

Avalanche problem #1 : Storm Slab
What Elevation? Which Slopes? Chances of Avalanches? Expected Size?

The amount of snow forecasted for Sunday is highly greater in the north area of the park. There will be a bug difference for the triggered probability depending where you are. In the highly risked area, skiers or snowboarder triggering will be really likely. The high amount of obstacles still there or right below the surface will increase the consequences of an avalanche.

Avalanche Summary

No new avalanche activity has been observed or reported. Thanks for sharing your observations at info@avalanchequebec.ca, on the Avalanche Canada’s Mountain Information Network or with this online form.

Snowpack Summary

About 15-25 cm of recent snow is found on most areas of the Chic-Chocs. Westerly winds have created accumulations of 45-80 cm at the tops of alpine slopes where soft wind slabs are there. Under the storm snow, The January 7th freezing rain crust is found in many places. As for the base of the snowpack, it is composed of 25 cm of weak facetted grains. The height of snow is now 25 cm in the valley (220 m) and 75 cm at mid-mountain (635m). Be aware of the amount of snow forecasted Sunday that will change a lot the snowpack.

Weather Summary

Saturday night: Snow, 5-10cm, north-north-westerly winds 60 km/h on ridgeline, alpine low temperature -10 C.

Sunday: Snow, the storm will bring a big total of 15-25cm in general but, up to 40-60cm in the north area of the Park, northerly winds 60 km/h on ridgeline, alpine high temperature -4 C.

Monday : Periods of snow, 2-5cm more, northerly winds 40 km/h on ridgeline, alpine high temperature -4 C.

Tuesday : Cloudy, few and maybe no precipitation, -north-north-easterly winds 30 km/h on ridgeline, alpine high temperature -4 C.

For more details, check out the Chic-Chocs alpine weather forecast.

Confidence - Moderate

Recent weather patterns have resulted in a high degree of snowpack variability within the region.