Avalanche Bulletin - 2018-12-05

Recently fallen snow but still early season snowpack conditions
Areas concerned: Mont Albert, mont Hog’s Back, Champs-de-Mars, mont Lyall, mont Vallières-de-Saint-Réal, mont Blanche-Lamontagne et Mines-Madeleine
Issued on: 2018-12-05 @ 07:27
Valid until: 2018-12-07 @ 07:30
Danger ratings Wednesday Thursday Overview following days
Alpine Moderate Low Low
Treeline Low Low Low
Below treeline Not applicable Not applicable Not applicable

Avalanche problem #1 : Storm slab

For Wednesday, storm slabs are possible in the alpine and at treeline. Recently fallen snow (10-15 cm) in addition to snowfalls from Monday (15-20 cm) have created instabilities such as wind slabs in the alpine and loose dry snow at treeline on steep slopes. Although expected avalanches remain small, they can transport you toward obstacles such as rocks, trees and stumps lower down the slope.

Avalanche activity

No new avalanche activity was observed or reported.  Please share your observations at info@avalanchequebec.ca, on the Avalanche Canada’s Mountain Information Network or with this online form.


Despite the latest snowfalls (25-35cm), the snowpack conditions are still marginal. Winds, with variable intensity and direction with the last 72h, have swept alpine slopes to the rock (S-SW-W) and loaded significantly (up to 100 cm) other slopes (N-NE-E). At treeline, 15-20 cm of very light snow can be found at the surface, which sits on a layer of denser and firmer snow, as well as a crust near the ground. Snowpack height varies between 70 and 140 cm. Below treeline, the snow depth varies from 30 to 60 cm, barely covering terrain roughness.

Weather forecast

A mix of sun and clouds are expected Wednesday with moderate North-West winds (30 km/h) near the summits. Thursday should be a sunny day, with light South-West winds (10km/h). Max daily temperatures will stay around -12C in the mountain and -6C in the valley. Nights will be below normal (-20C).


At the beginning of the season, our observations in the mountains are limited. We are therefore particularly interested in your information which you can send us by email at info@avalanchequebec.ca or via Avalanche Canada’s Mountain Information Network (MIN).

Snow report

Centre de découverte et de services - Mis à jour le 5 décembre 2018 à 07:25

24 h 48 h 7 jours Saison Au sol
12 cm 12 cm 27 cm 389 cm 27 cm
Disclaimer This avalanche bulletin is prepared with the most recent weather, snowpack and avalanche activity data available for the Chic-Chocs. It is strictly information that can be used as a part of a decision making process and is not intended to be a replacement for knowledge about avalanche safety including and not limited to safe travel practices and the use of backcountry rescue equipment such as beacon, shovel and probe.

Prepared by : J. LeBlanc

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