Avalanche bulletin for the Chic-Chocs

Area concerned:Mont Albert, mont Hog’s Back, Champs-de-Mars, mont Lyall, mont Vallières-de-Saint-Réal, mont Blanche-Lamontagne and Mines-Madeleine.

Issued on : Sunday February 26th 2017 at 7:30
Valid until : Tuesday February 28th 2017 at 7:30

Danger ratings Sunday Monday Outlook Tuesday
Alpine ConsiderableLowLow
Treeline ConsiderableLowLow
Below treeline ModerateLowLow

Avalanche problem #1 : Loose wet

Positive temperatures up to 7 °C in the alpine, extreme southerly winds and last night's rain probably helped to soften the freezing crust observed yesterday at all altitudes and on all slopes. It is possible that small avalanches of loose wet snow occur naturally and likely that skiers or snowboarders trigger some, especially in the alpine and at treeline. However, this risk is likely to ease as the temperatures drop below the freezing point this afternoon.

Avalanche problem #2 : Wet slab

Heat and rain were also able to penetrate the snowpack and weaken bonds between layers of snow, which could lead to the production of large avalanches of wet slabs. These may possibly occur naturally and skiers or snowboarders could possibly trigger some. However, this risk is likely to ease as the temperatures drop below the freezing point this afternoon.

Avalanche activity

A cornice fall of size 2.5 was observed yesterday at the Mur des Patrouilleurs, probably dating from the thaw on Thursday and Friday. Please share your observations at info@avalanchequebec.ca, on the Mountain Information Network of Avalanche Canada or with this online form.

Snowpack :

The thin melt freeze crust that formed after the negative temperatures of Saturday disappeared last night with the heat, the south wind and the rain. The upper layers of the snowpack have soaked in water and an even thicker crust is expected to form with lower temperatures for the next few days.

Weather forecast:

Another 10 mm of rain is expected this morning, followed by 5 cm of snow, while temperatures will drop below the freezing point this afternoon. Additional snow (5cm) is expected Monday morning. The S winds will diminish this morning and then increase to strong NW. All the details in the Chic-Chocs weather forecast (French only).


The Avalanche Awareness Days are held at the Parc national de la Gaspésie this weekend. The rain will surely force us to change today's outdoor programming, but our kiosk into the CDS will be in operation. We thank the loyal sponsors and partners of this 13th edition.

Snow report

Centre de découverte et services (CDS) - Updated on 27 February 2017 - 18:33

24 h 48 h 7 days Saison Snow depth
0 cm 0 cm 6 cm 362 cm 75 cm

Disclaimer : This avalanche bulletin is prepared with the most recent weather, snowpack and avalanche activity data available for the Chic-Chocs. It is strictly information that can be used as a part of a decision making process and is not intended to be a replacement for knowledge about avalanche safety including and not limited to safe travel practices and the use of backcountry rescue equipment such as beacon, shovel and probe.

Prepared by:JP Gagnon